International Table Design Exhibition 2023

The world's most renowned event and wedding designers came to Turkey for the highly anticipated 2nd edition of the Table Design Exhibition – Celebrate Art & Creativity powered by KM Events and bluechip creative events on October 31 to November 2, 2023 at Hilton İstanbul Bosphorus Hotel in İstanbul. Founded and directed by two woman enterpreneurs, the esteemed Turkish Wedding Designer and Event Producer, Meltem Tepeler, who also serves as the Founder President of KM Events Turkey and Elmas Özler, Founder President of bluechip creative events, who serves creative solutions for corporate events, this groundbreaking event promises to inspire the global event and wedding industry like never before.

The Table Design Exhibition, the first and only international design exhibition of its kind is dedicated to celebrating the fusion of art and creativity within the luxury event and wedding industry. Each year, the world's leading event and wedding designers craft breathtaking tablescapes, aligned with a specific theme. This year's theme, "The Table Design Exhibition – Celebrate Art & Creativity," was dedicated to Türkiye's 100th Anniversary.

Among the prestigious list of designers participating in this year's event are David Beahm, wedding and event designer of Catherina Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, Toni Breiss, who designed Donald Trump's daughter Tiffany Trump's wedding, Frieha Altaf, a well-known television figure and event organizer in Pakistan, Germany's famous wedding designer and TV star Mr.Froonck, Middle East's queen of weddings Majeda Kassir Bisharat, fa Sales from Santa Barbara known for his modern and romantic designs, Real Housewifes actress and Dutch designer Hella Huizinga, who created the famous weddings of Europe, Brian Worley, who designed the ceremony and the Red carpet invitations of the Teen Choice Awards and the party of the Grammy Awards, and Sumant Jayakrishnan, the leading concept designer of the Indian fashion and event industry. These luminaries have shared their interpretations of Türkiye's 100th Anniversary through breathtaking table designs.



International Table Design Exhibition 2022


The “ Table Design Exhibition- Istanbul Capital of Celebrations”,  sponsored by Karaca, was successfully hosted by the project partners, KM Events Founder President Meltem Tepeler and bluechip Creative Events Founder President Elmas Özler. The guests highly appreciated Istanbul themed table designs curated by world celebrity designers.

The “Table Design Exhibition- Istanbul Capital of Celebrations” held at Raffles Istanbul between 8-10 November 2022, is the first table design exhibition in the global event industry. The leading names of the international design and event industry came together and presented their different Istanbul-themed tables. The project’s positioning of Istanbul as the capital of celebrations, has a strong vision that Istanbul can take its place in the international event arena.

Among the designers taking part in the exhibition are; Colin Cowie, the first world famous wedding designer who comes to mind, recently organized    Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s wedding, Edgardo Zamora, the designer of the Emmy Award Ceremony and Oscar Award Ceremony,  Eddie Zaratsian, celebrity wedding and event designer who designed the wedding of Hollywood celebrity Kim Kardashian & Kanye West, Tomas De Bruyne from Belgium, known as one of Europe’s most famous floral designer, Lebanese Ghada Blanco, a celebrity event and wedding designer who designs royal weddings and events in the Middle East, Nadia Duran, the celebrity event and wedding designer of     Australia, Gideon Hermosa from Philippines, the celebrity wedding and event designer of Asia , Arturo de Noriega from Peru, celebrity wedding and event designer of South America, and Sarah Young, celebrity wedding designer from Malta. The guests of the first international “Table Design Exhibition Istanbul Capital of Celebrations” had an opportunity to see 9 unique Istanbul themed table designs and an unforgettable experience.

The ‘Table Tables Exhibition – Istanbul Capital of Celebrations’, which is planned to take place every year, has made a great contribution to the promotion of Istanbul and Turkey by receiving wide interest in the foreign press.




Table Design Exhibition 2021

Our fourth Table design exhibition was exhibited with the collaboration of KM Events and House Beautiful Magazine at Shangri-La Bosphorus İstanbul Hotel. The guests were fascinated with the magnificent table decors they visited. We also had a very successful panel discussion moderated by our founder Mrs Meltem Tepeler about ‘protecting our planet and sustainability. Our panel speakers were The General Consulate of Sweden in İstanbul, Mr. Peter Ericson, and the GM of WWF Turkey, Ms. Asli Pasinli. We will start a leadership about creating sustainable events and weddings from now on.


Famtrip 2020

The story behind our Luxury Turkey Fam Trip project was different than the other projects that we have created as KM Events. The pandemic that we have been dealing with since the beginning of 2020 hit the global wedding and event industry hard as we were unable to travel and plan any wedding or any event. Most of the events & weddings either got cancelled or has been postponed to next year. When the cases around the world started to drop by summer, Turkey Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA) which is connected to the Turkish Minister of Culture & Tourism, gave us a new and challenging project idea. Our plan was to bring the worldwide famous wedding planners and designers to Turkey, present the beauties of our country and give them a very unique Turkey experience. The main idea of the project was to show these worldwide weddings planners and designers that Turkey is one of the best destinations to create any kind of celebration.

After months of hard work with our team, we have welcomed 8 different wedding planners & designers from 8 different countries. In such a tough period of time, everyone was excited and looking forward to this trip. I would like to kindly note that, both our guests and the team have done the covid tests before the fam trip. Each detail of Luxury Turkey trip has been worked and planned on very carefully with our team and sponsors, offering our guests safety, comfort as well as unforgettable Turkish experiences.

Our excitement started much earlier than the start date of our project. We were feeling very happy to be able to welcome the biggest names of our industry and finally reunite with them after a while. Our guests were; Bob Conti from USA, Ghada Blanco from Lebanon, Gideon Hermosa from Philippines, Sarah Young from Malta, Simone Tostes from Brazil, Arturo de Noriega from Peru, Frieha Altaf from Pakistan and Monsieur Froonck from France. It was feeling magical to reunite with a group of international wedding planners after many months of quarantine and lockdowns.

As our guests were coming from different parts of the world, each of them have arrived to Istanbul through Turkish Airlines in different timings. Shangri La Bosphorus was one of our main sponsors as they have opened their beautiful rooms to accommodate our guests during their stay in Istanbul.




Table Design Exhibition 2019

This year, Table Decoration Exhibition’ curated in cooperation with KM Events and House Beautiful in Ciragan Palace Kempinsk. An unforgettable ambiance with colorful flowers, sparkling candles and elegant tablewares have been created with different brands.


Experiential İstanbul

With its second office in Dubai, KM Events has become the only international wedding company by welcoming the biggest destination weddings in Turkey and around the region as well as by opening its second office to Dubai and spreading its vision to Middle East. This year, KM Events has developed a special project, Experiential Istanbul, to celebrate its 25th year in the event industry. Experiential Istanbul has been designed by Meltem Bayazit Tepeler, owner of KM Events, and her daughter Cemre Tepeler, to emphasize Istanbul as one of the biggest wedding destinations to the top 15 Indian Wedding Planners by providing them a very unique experience and taste of historical Istanbul. Through the whole experience, The guests have been welcomed and stayed at one of the most wonderful hotels of Istanbul: Four Seasons Bosphorus. On the first day of this experience, the guests have been taken to one of the most important and historical restaurants of Istanbul, Beyti and had a very special ‘white welcome’ dinner at the Four Seasons Bosphorus Hotel on the same night. On the second day, they had the chance to listen to the mythological history of  Hagia Sofia, Grand Bazaar and Topkapı Palace followed by a lunch at Konyalı Restaurant at Topkapı Palace with a spectacular Istanbul view, experiencing the real Turkish food. After a day filled with history of the old city Sultanahmet, the guests have been leaded to Four Seasons Sultanahmet for an afternoon cocktail where they had the chance to review the breathtaking view of the terrace of the Four Seasons Sultanahmet, with Hagia Sofia at the back, they have watched a Sufi show, which made one of the highlight moments of the Experiential Istanbul. The historical Hurrem Sultan Hamam, which is also located at Sultanahmet, has accompanied the guests for a special ‘Red Turkish night’ with Turkish belly dancer shows.   Third day was spent at the Galata and Pera area with a lunch at the amazing Pera Palace hotel which has welcomed Agatha Christie , Zaza Gabor and Ataturk in the past. For the last night, Italian theme has been created at the Venetian Palace with the host of  Italian Consul Massimo Gaiani and the owners of Kempinski Venice. The tables and the whole theme was created according to Venice and the guests have enjoyed the Italian atmosphere with Indian songs. The top Indian planners have said their goodbyes to Istanbul with a sunny day and a small Bosphorus tour on a private boat. As the KM Events, it was our pleasure to create such a unique project and collaborate with talented planners from India. There will be many more tailor made fam trips by KM Events in the nearest future to create unique experiences of Turkey.




Table Design Exhibition 2018

KM Events and the founder Meltem Tepeler has designed 8 tables for 8 brands with new trends and ideas and exhibited the colorful tables  to distinguished guests at the elegant reception that was held at Fourseasons Hotel Sultanahmet. The brands to be designed were Herend Porcelain, Kutahya Porcelain, İsd Art Gallery, by Sibel Karakaşlı, Sagaza, Tukutukum, Fourseasons Hotel Sultanahmet, and Tina Jewellery. The exhibition had a great coverage on Turkish media and was also published at CNN Türk bulletin. The importance of art of Table Decoration is emphasized at the exhibition and the Turkish author of romantic İstanbul novels, Mario Levi had a speech about İstanbul and Love at the show. KM Events Table Decoration exhibition is the only Art of table decor exhibition that is held in Turkey.


Table Design Exhibition 2017

The ‘Table Decoration Exhibition’, which was designed by Meltem Bayazit Tepeler and prepared by KM Events team, took place at Ciragan Palace Kempinski. KM Events prepared 7 different table concepts with different brands and products, giving an artistic perspective to the weddings and events industry. The unique Table Decoration Exhibition will soon take place at Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Dubai.